Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's All About the "GTL"

Everyone knows what "GTL" stands for if you watch MTV's Jersey Shore, but if you don't know, it means gym, tan, laundry.  The young gentlemen on the show use "GTL" when they are referring to getting ready to hit up the night clubs.  The men's daily routine consists of going to the gym, tanning afterwards, then going home to do laundry so that they have fresh t-shirts to wear.   Throughout the entire show it seems as if clubbing and drinking are the only things these guiddos and guidettes do, however, the cast does in fact work at a Gelato store.  But, if you've only watched the show once you wouldn't know that due to what is shown in each episode.  The show mainly focuses on the cast hooking up with random different people, going out to the club, and of course, you can't forget partying hard. 

  While the show is quite amusing and I must admit I do watch every Thursday with my friends, I can't help but think, "is this what reality television has come to? Better yet, is this what society has come to?"  It is shows like this that creates this perception that young people in this day and age, get drunk, and don't do anything with their lives.  Not to mention, it makes men look like even bigger assholes and pigs.  Men  are already labeled as womanizers so why would anyone want to perpetuate the stereotype even more?  

The Jersey Shore would not be a show that I would want my children watching because it gives the impression that all young people should go out, party and get drunk on a weekly basis.  Whatever happened to television shows with substance and actual content that one can learn and apply to their daily lives?  Many people will argue that we need shows like this to make television more interesting , which is true.  We need new and interesting shows to keep different audiences entertained, but I feel that often times the media takes things to the extreme.  I can't help but to ask myself, "why would anyone want to agree to be on a show like this?"  Yes, fame is a big reason, but is it really worth being stereotyped and living with that reputation?  

Whenever I watched the show I would laugh 
and shake my head at the dumb drama and "situations" the cast would encounter and I always said to my friends, "I'm so glad the show's not about Asians," but my worst nightmare has come true.  Meet the cast of K-town, the so called "Asian version of Jersey Shore".  The new show has only shot its pilot and is currently still looking for a network to pick them up.  Just seeing the trailer screams train wreck.  According to the producers 
they’re, " going to show Asian Americans like they've never been seen before to the rest of the world.” The show is going to remove Asians from being stereotyped as scrawny, smart, nerdy, etc.  However, the K-town cast will now be seen in the same light as the cast of Jersey Shore.  Maybe I am just making assumptions but I all I know is that the show will be very interesting to watch. 

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